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Our Facility

Situated at Refinery Road with storage space of 24,000 square meters, our depot is less than 35 minutes away from both PSA Tanjong Pagar and Pasir Panjang terminal, as well as the future Tuas Mega Seaport.


Our Commitment to Service

Chuan Li Container Pte Ltd is committed to providing the highest level of service to achieve customer satisfaction by offering reliable and cost-effective solutions for shipping container storage, management and maintenance solutions for all types of containers.


We acknowledge that achieving this objective is a continual process of reviewing our day-to-day performance which in turn improves the service we provide.




Chuan Li Container Depot offers a wide range of hassle free services for your business. Our depot is located within close proximity to all seaports in Singapore, and our capable and efficient depot system ensures swift and accurate information at all time.


Services we offer includes:

Container Storage

Our secure and expansive container yard offers ample space for short-term or long-term storage of shipping containers. With 24/7 surveillance and a robust security system, clients can trust us to safeguard their equipment.


Container Handling

We employ a team of skilled professionals and modern equipment to handle the loading, unloading, and stacking of containers efficiently. Our meticulous handling processes ensure minimal risk of damage and maximize productivity.


Container Repair and Maintenance

We have a dedicated repair and maintenance facility equipped to handle all types of container repairs, from minor cosmetic fixes to structural refurbishments. Our skilled technicians follow international standards to ensure containers are in optimal condition for safe transportation.


Container Inspection and Surveying

We conduct comprehensive inspections and surveys to assess the condition of containers, verifying their suitability for shipping and compliance with international regulations.


Container Cleaning

Maintaining hygiene and safety standards is a priority. Our container cleaning services utilize environmentally friendly methods, ensuring containers are thoroughly cleaned and free from contaminants.




At Chuan Li Container Depot, we offer surveys for equipment from our team of certified surveyors.


We do intermodal shipping containers from General Purpose boxes, Reefer Containers to special equipment like Flatracks and Open-top. All incoming containers are surveyed to make sure containers comply with IICL (The Institute of International Container Lessors) standard.

Chuanli COntainer .jpeg

Refrigerated Container Services

We specialize in handling, cleaning/repair storage and transportation of refrigerated containers. We can also conduct Pre Trip inspection for refrigerated containers prior to booking collections.

Chuan Li Depot offers reefer container survey, maintenance and repair. Qualified Reefer Technicians offers quality and reliable services you can count on.


  • Structural & Machinery Survey / Inspection

  • Structural Repair

  • Machinery Repair

  • Reefer Pre Trip Inspection

  • Reefer Pre-cooling



  • Complete Logistics Services and Storage Space for Your Project Cargo

  • Staging Area for Laden Import or Export

Inland Container Depot

Since our establishment in 2009, Chuan Li Container Pte ltd has forged ongoing relationships with businesses throughout Singapore, providing essential container trucking and intermodal transport services. We are continually looking for ways to grow our operations, and are proud of our continued growth into 2018 and beyond.


Contact Us

Chuan Li Container Pte Ltd

Admin Office:

196 Pandan Loop

Pantech Business Hub


Singapore 128384

Accounts: +65 6397 4271 

Sales: +65 6867 9320



12A Refinery Road

Singapore 628193


Operation: +65 6867 9322

Counter: +65 6264 0358

Transport: +65 6867 9321



Customer Service

Monday to Friday

08:00hrs to 17:00hrs


08:00hrs to 14:00hrs


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